Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Be Grounded $575 - 5 sessions

Grounding and anchoring is fundamental to stability.  Through the principles of yoga and exercise science, we focus on our base of support, the weight bearing architecture of our bones, and deep stabilizing muscles.  Perfect for beginners, post-natal, injury recovery or if life is feeling hectic and you are looking for a way to settle in. 

Be Expansive $1100 - 10 sessions

Incorporating our grounding principles, we begin to rise and expand our movements in all directions. Through the combination of yoga principles, exercise science and functional strength training we begin to experience the awareness of our full body, core integration, in all movements creating more fluidity, strength and flow.  Perfect for all levels looking for a bigger commitment, lifestyle integration, increase of energy and full body strength.

Be Free $2000 - 20 sessions

Know how to move intuitively.  Feel what your body is asking for.  Trust when to start, how hard to push, and when to slow down.  Incorporating grounding and expanding principles, yoga foundations and exercise science, alignment and core strength, and most importantly shedding the one size fits all fitness model.  Expect some reading, expect some talking, expect some dancing, expect some exploration and some homework.  Dive deeply into the wisdom of your body and be free.

**Duo sessions are available and rates will be shared evenly among participants.

***Trio sessions are available with a $10 increase per session shared evenly among participants

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