"Learning about the body from Stephanie was like having a tall glass of water after years in the desert. As a bodyworker, I just kept screaming 'yes, yes, yes!' on the inside listening to Stephanie share her wisdom. Her awareness and precision of aspects of our physical being that are often lost under layers of distraction and pre-occupation is astounding, in a really good way. Over the seven days we were together at Menla as part of a QOYA Intensive on which Stephanie was supporting the material with her unique approach to alignment and anatomy, I felt myself melting more and more each day. Words really don't do justice to the places Stephanie can take you with simple exercises and her incredibly ability to be present with the body and with people. I would love to know more and more from her, and I recommend her to anyone who wants to have a deeper connection and relationship to their body as a whole." –Samar

I'm inspired! Stephanie has a great way of explaining things in a way that connects it all to the big picture -- both the big picture of the body and of life!-Meg

"I experienced Stephanie's alignment training first hand at a Qoya Teacher Training retreat, where she taught us a deep understanding of the muscles and ligaments of the body, healthy alignment techniques and pose modifications. feel so much more confident as a movement instructor knowing that I have a few tricks in my back pocket and that I can safely help my students with modifications. Training with Stephanie is a must for any movement instructor regardless of your experience. Her gentle and simple style makes all the science-y stuff really accessible and easy to understand. I can't recommend Stephanie enough!" - Silvana 

I started working with Stephanie after having my second child. The pregnancy was a hard one. I'd gained more weight than the first time around and hadn't had the time or energy to be active throughout. I was not in good shape when I started training and, worse, I was all about losing weight. While shedding pounds has most certainly been a goal, Stephanie helped re-focus me on what matters: being active, feeling good and being kind to my body. Stephanie has helped me build the physical and emotional strength to accept my body—one that has birthed two children—while also pushing me to look and feel as good as possible, even helping me to find work out opportunities when she and I cannot find the time to do so together. She is patient, caring, extremely knowledgeable and well versed in her field and will kick your ass... in a good way. –Stacie

"As new parents, free time is a luxury. We wanted date night to be more than just a nice dining experience so we went a whole different route and signed up for something interactive. We learned some great techniques to help us relieve stress and tension and had a great time with a superb instructor. Miss Severe went at just the right pace, easily explaining concepts and attentively showing us how that translates on a foam roller. My husband and I learned so much and are excited to use new stress-relieving techniques right in our own home. Best date we've had in a while!" -Maria