I was a non-athletic kid that became a self proclaimed everyday athlete.  In fitness I found a taste of my individuality, a place to be externally validated, a time in space where I could relax my mind and let my body take the lead.  I'd finally found a home, something I could attach myself to as a life purpose, a hobby, and a form of therapy.

Through my 20 year journey of exploring many forms of movement; running, capoeira, strength training, cycling, yoga, and dance, my relationship to the body has drastically expanded.  From the incredible act of giving birth, the ability to find a sense of deep centering through physical alignment, feeling the creativity of my soul through running and the broad spectrum of emotions through dance, the power in knowing when to ground and the joy in knowing when to leap and most importantly, the physical sensation of truth in my body.

As this cycle comes around, my Yoga and Qoya Teacher training have been the highlight, the culmination, the validity of my life experience and what I am here to do.  I teach from a place of knowing that it all comes from within, the alignment of our bones lets our muscles be at ease, the full expression of our asana without comparison allows our soul to be free, the time spent practicing alone and the time spent sharing our movement practice is equally important, and as we teach in Qoya, the way you know you're doing it right is it feels good.

Using movement as metaphor in Qoya and mapping a theme into my body in Yoga opened the portal to uniting my mind, body, heart and soul.  From this space I yearn to share.

American College of Sports Medicine CPT
National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT + Corrective Exercise Specialist                  Qoya Instructor
Yoga Alliance 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher

NYC + Boston Marathons
NYC + Brooklyn Half Marathon
Boston to New York AIDS Ride
Hyannis Sprint Triathalon
NYC Century Bike Tour (September 2013)
Couple o' 30 Day Yoga Challenges